Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY: Sea-Bottle Necklace

Level of Difficulty: Easy

How crazy, my very first blog post! Thank you so much for reading this!
So, today's DIY project is this lovely Sea-Bottle Necklace. It really is as easy to make, and as cute, as it looks!

Here are the materials that you will need:
  • 1 small bottle with a cork (as small or big as you want, but keep in mind, it's a necklace)
  • 2 small closeable rings
  • 1 necklace chain
  • 3 small puka shells
  • 10 small blue glass beads
  • 10 small clear glass beads
  • Some fine white glitter
  • Some clear drying glue
  • 1 push pin
  • 1 small pull-string bag (optional)

Obviously, all of the colors of the beads are interchangeable, however I just found blue and clear beads to be the most ocean-ish and sea-ish. And you can have more than the number of puka shells and beads that I listed. I just prefer my bottle to not be filled up all the way. But all of these choices are up to you!
Now on to the instructions...

1. Remove the cork from your bottle and set it aside. Fill the bottle with however much glitter you want, the beads, and the puka shells.

2. Take one of the rings and form a jump ring, and insert it into the top of the cork. Be careful, corks can crumble apart. Glue the jump ring in the cork if you want it to be more secure. Then take the other ring and attach it to the jump ring in the cork. 

3. Glue the cork into the bottle. Use the push pin to help the glue seep into the cracks between the top of the bottle and the cork. Do not apply too much glue, or else it'll get messy.

After steps 2 and 3, your creation will look like the following picture.

4. Put the chain through the top ring, and you now have a necklace!

You have completed your very own DIY: Sea-Bottle Necklace! You can wear it, put it in the pull-string bag, give it to someone special... The possibilities are endless! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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  1. I've always thought these sort of miniature bottles with objects inside are incredibly magical in some way. The fact that you can take a piece of something meaningful with you wherever you venture is really fantastic ^^ Cute DIY!